Flu outbreak 2013: Death toll rises

Flu outbreak 2013: Death toll rises
Flu outbreak 2013 fatalities from left: 6-year-olds Adam Lucero and Tehila Johnson and Max Schwolert, 17.  All victims were from Texas.

Flu fatalities are heartbreaking.

In Texas, teenager Max Schwolert, 17, and 6-year-olds Adam Lucero and Tahila Johnson have all succumbed to the influenza outbreak. And the worst isn’t over; flu-related deaths are surging according to health officials, in an uptick that began on Friday. The Centers for Disease Control have labeled the flu season an epidemic due to the rise in flu fatalities.

Even worse, the flu season is nowhere near over. “Most of the country is seeing a lot of flu and that may continue for weeks,” said Director of the Centers for Disease Control Dr. Thomas R. Frieden.

So far this season, 20 children with confirmed flu tests have died, but that number is conservative, as not all deaths are reported until the flu season has officially ended according to the Centers for Disease Control flu division.

The flu takes a different victim pattern by state ,apparently. For example, in Texas, six children have died, but no adults. But in California, four adults have died, but no children.

Here’s a snapshot of flu deaths across the country.

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