Serena Williams demands equal pay for Black women

Serena Williams has penned a letter advocating for equal pay for Black women in America and has claimed to have been a victim of racist remarks by her male colleagues in the past. The 35-year-old professional tennis player opened up about the gender pay gap to mark Black Women‘s Equal Pay Day on Monday, July […]

Future evolves into executive with new artist, Fortune

Fortune is new to the music world as an artist. What makes him different is that he has a powerful ally in the industry. Fortune is Future’s new artist. Future, arguably one of the most popular artists today, has put on his executive hat. We spoke with Fortune and found out more about who he is, […]

Chris Brown’s Album Sold With Abuser Sticker In U.K.

It’s been years since Chris Brown’s infamous domestic dispute with his ex-girlfriend, Rihanna, but it’s clear that his violent actions will follow him to the grave. But, for now, his tragic mistake is following him all around British record stores as reports claim that several of his new Fortune CDs have been spotted in HMV […]

Chris Brown Releases ‘Fortune’ and Sexy Pictures

Chris Brown’s sexy has nothing to do with fortune. To celebrate Chris Brown‘s fifth studio album Fortune, we comprised some of our favorite and sexiest pictures of Chris Brown.  Whether he’s singing, dancing, or just standing still, the girls love to see Chris Brown in action. Take a look at our favorite pictures of Chris […]

Chris Brown’s ‘Fortune’ Album Review

Chris Brown has made an impressive ascent back to the top of  the Hits list — and that maybe what ‘Fortune’ is all about. Just a few short days ago, Chris Brown released Fortune, his highly anticipated fifth studio album, and first album released from his new deal with RCA Records.  Fortune covers a myriad of genres […]

Breezy’s Collaboration With Rihanna Not Enough to Fuel Buzz for New Album

Chris Brown took to Twitter yesterday morning to inform fans that his much-anticipated album, Fortune, will be pushed back. The new expected release date is July 3. The remix of the popular single “Cake” that Brown released with Rihanna earlier this year apparently didn’t have enough gas to promote his album. Brown’s last album, Fame, […]