Jussie Smollett talks impact of Jamal coming out on ‘Empire’

There were few moments that were more powerful on TV last season than when fans watched the character of Jamal Lyon come out to the world through song on FOX’s gargantuan hit “Empire.” And like life imitating art and vice versa, actor Jussie Smollett had come out in a high-profile way when he appeared on […]

Taye Diggs says he has ‘a flaming gay man inside’ of him

Taye Diggs is just a few weeks away from making his debut as the first black man to take on the role of genderqueer rocker Hedwig in the Broadway revival of Hedwig and the Angry Inch. Recently, Diggs sat down with “Entertainment Tonight” about the role and claimed that “I have a flaming gay man […]

Famous ‘X-Men’ character outed as gay

LGBT geeks across the nation already got a major surprise last week when it was revealed that new Mortal Kombat star Kung Jin Is gay. Now they’ve got another major surprise on their hands as it’s been revealed that iconic X-Men character Iceman is gay. Young members of the original X-Men lineup time traveled to […]

‘Mortal Kombat’ debuts 1st gay character

Last week, NetherRealm studios released the highly anticipated 10th edition of their acclaimed Mortal Kombat game series, and, of course, fans have been buzzing about every imaginable detail of the game. And one of those details is the fact that series just debuted its first gay male character with Mortal Kombat X’s Kung Jin. According […]

KiD CuDi talks kissing a guy, ‘… it was so good!’

KiD CuDi has always been one of the most rebellious and progressive figures in hip-hop’s new generation, and now he’s pushing the boundaries even farther with the revelation that he had a same-sex kiss in the upcoming film, James White. James White is described as “a hard-hitting drama that takes an unflinchingly close-up look at […]

Samuel L. Jackson to play gay character in Stephen King film

Samuel L Jackson has played nearly every kind of character under the sun during the decades of his career – and donned nearly every kind of crazy wig during the process. Now the acting legend is taking his chameleon skills with him into uncharted territory as he plays his first gay character in an upcoming Stephen […]

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