Famous ‘X-Men’ character outed as gay

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LGBT geeks across the nation already got a major surprise last week when it was revealed that new Mortal Kombat star Kung Jin Is gay. Now they’ve got another major surprise on their hands as it’s been revealed that iconic X-Men character Iceman is gay.

Young members of the original X-Men lineup time traveled to the current Marvel timeline a few years back and since then they’ve joined the current roster of the X-Men.

Thanks to several leaked pages from the upcoming 40th issue of All-New X-Men, fans have learned that the younger version of Iceman has been out by the youger version of Jean Grey as gay.

In the leaked pages, which, according to NewNowNext, surfaced on herealsongbirddiamondback.tumblr.com, young Iceman is seen catcalling X-Men member Magik when Jean pulls him to the side and confronts him about pretending to like women. Iceman tries to claim that he’s straight, but Jean says she knows he’s gay because she can read his thoughts.

After some poking and prodding, Iceman finally admits to Jean that he’s gay, but explains that he’s shocked about his own sexuality because the older version of himself is heterosexual. Jean admits that she’s shocked as well, but she assures young Iceman that no one on the X-Men team cares about his sexuality.

Well, this is definitely a shocker for comic fans across the board and we’re interested to see how this turns out with such a major character now representing the gay community.

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