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Alexandra Shipp snaps on dark-skinned Black critics of her ‘X-men’ role

How soon do we forget that light-skinned Black beauty Halle Berry played the role of Storm in the previous installations of the blockbuster X-men movie franchise? So why is there such an uproar about another mixed-race African American female, this time Alexandra Shipp, playing Storm in the upcoming X-Men film?

After news broke Thursday that Disney was acquiring 21st Century Fox, an excited fan tweeted to Shipp, saying:

Shipp replied that she would love for that to happen. But thing totally went off the tracks when a disgruntled troll begrudged Shipp for nailing down the role of a lifetime and then typed these words that must have sliced through Shipp’s soul like a sharp blade:

Shipp immediately snapped and denounced the darker Black woman as being racist and narrow-minded.

Shipp spat fire back at her dark-skinned critics, saying she was not going to turn down roles to make people feel comfortable. It’s her profession, how she makes a living, and at the end of the day she is Black.