Why practicing gratitude is important

Using a gratitude practice in your everyday life can be a game-changer. Experts say that it can help garner some major physical and mental health benefits, as well as improve the quality of the existing relationships in your life. We typically express gratitude by simply saying “thank you” but a gratitude practice is when you […]

Fighting through chaos

I have days when smiling takes work. You know, that feeling of not again, Lord? Am I the only one feeling like a hamster on a wheel, moving fiercely but not making any strides? We can all agree that times have changed, and our once sanctity of continuum has been replaced with unknowns lurking around […]

Your purpose is your superpower

Let me guess … your life is nothing like you imagined it would be 10 years ago. If your 18-year-old self saw you running on the hamster wheel you are on, would they cry? Stop chasing dreams of money and success so long and hard that you forget why you’re running! It’s time to jump […]

Are you in a relationship with a psycho man or woman?

Are you in a relationship with a psycho man or woman? Are you unsure of the signs? All of us can be fooled or may have been (a time or two), as psychos look just like you and me. However, they have no conscience and will not stop until they have turned your relationship into […]

How to get and keep happiness in your life

Last year, I decided to embark on a 45 days of happiness journey. The goal was to identify moments of happiness and post them each day on social media. This included both giving and receiving it. I consider myself a pretty positive person, so I thought it would be a piece of cake. And so […]

What black women must do to stop the herpes epidemic

Whether or not you are affected by the herpes virus, taking steps and changes to your lifestyle can be very beneficial to help prevent future outbreaks. Here are eight things women need to know to help protect themselves without the use of drugs.

5 reasons she won’t sleep with her husband

What the hell is her problem?  This man is her husband yet she comes up with excuse after excuse as to why “tonight isn’t a good time.” Once upon a time, sex was not an issue and she may have even uttered the words “my husband will never have to worry about sex.”  Fast forward […]