Mechel Miller discusses her experience living with HIV

HIV survivor Mechel Miller is grateful the country progressed markedly from 30 years ago when rampant misinformation, fear-mongering and ignorance prevailed, leading people to believe they could contract AIDS from merely touching someone or breathing the same air. The country was put on the fast track in terms of HIV and AIDS education, research and […]

Compassionate Atlanta members want to help normalize the HIV conversation

Lamont Asazi and Leanne Rubenstein are a part of the nonprofit organization Compassionate Atlanta, as their goal is to build healthier, more connected, abundant and thriving communities. Compassionate Atlanta partnered with Gilead during their community conversation about HIV. What do you think people should know about HIV, and how can we have healthier conversations about […]

Magic Johnson had to set the record straight about this swirling rumor

NBA legend Magic Johnson is an avid social media user when it comes to talking about sports, but this time around he had to address something other than the game to his followers. For the past week, there has been a picture circulating around of Johnson getting his blood drawn. A troll account grabbed the […]

Kandi Burruss drops gems on how to maintain sexual health

The Gilead Center hosted an HIV/AIDS awareness panel to provide information and promote sexual health within the Black community. On Aug. 17, actress, singer-songwriter and producer Kandi Burruss spoke to event participants. Rolling out spoke with Burruss about how she uses her platform to raise awareness about the disease.

Dr. Quintin Robinson discusses HIV in the transgender community

Quintin R. Robinson, MD, is a staff physician and current HIV Division Director at AbsoluteCare Medical Center and Pharmacy in Atlanta. Dr. Robinson is a native of Atlanta.  He received his undergraduate degree from Xavier University of Louisiana. Dr. Robinson then returned to Atlanta and attended medical school at Morehouse School of Medicine and completed […]

Physician assistant Jewel Sawyer educating the Black community about HIV

Jewel Sawyer joined the staff of AbsoluteCARE Medical Center and Pharmacy as an infectious diseases physician assistant in 2014. She has received training in internal medicine, primary care, infectious diseases, hormone therapy, and HIV medicines. Her clinical interests include gender-inclusive sexual health, gender-affirming hormone therapy, and HIV prevention and treatment education. She plays an active […]

How Ve’ondre Mitchell became a voice for the trans community

Ve’ondre Mitchell has become one of America’s most celebrated voices for her community. With over 5.6 million followers on TikTok, the teenager has used her platform to speak out about issues affecting LGBTQ+ people, and more specifically, the transgender community for several years. During an interview with rolling out, Mitchell discussed the “Me in You, […]

Ebony Payne-English uses creativity to raise awareness and uplift Black women

Art imitates life and can be powerful when the artists take their lived experience and couple it with their creativity to raise awareness and uplift others. Multitalented poet, HIV activist and survivor Ebony Payne-English recently sat down with rolling out to share her journey, how she’s using her platform to advocate and continue the fight […]

Plies shuts down HIV and COVID-19 transmission rumors (video)

Florida rapper Plies is known for offering his colorfulcommentary on various topics through his social media feeds. This week he was quite vocal about sharing his views on the COVID-19 vaccination and NBA players like Kyrie Irving who don’t want to take the shot. The “Shawty” hitmaker addressed the controversy and explained that those fighting […]

Rolling out Health IQ conversation with Tony Christon-Walker

Rolling Out Health IQ and Southern AIDS Collation, In recognition of National Gay Men’s HIV/AIDS Awareness Day presents a One on One Conversation with Tony Christon-Walker, Author/Advocate, Co-Founder, Birmingham Black Pride “Walking in Truth: Living & Thriving with HIV”

Men living with HIV and the 7 cities where they were infected

There are more than one million people living with HIV in the United States and one in seven of them are unaware that they are infected, according to After more than 40 years of dealing with the HIV-AIDS epidemic, the numbers are not nearly as robust as they were in the ’80s, but are […]

AIDS: 40 years later, Black women still fighting the same battle

40 years ago, a new disease emerged in the medical and scientific community. It was called AIDS, caused by the virus HIV. Almost immediately, it wreaked havoc on the African American community, and those that were impacted the most were women. Still, HIV continues to present a disproportionate risk to African Americans. Although young African […]

Dázon Dixon Diallo discusses sexual health literacy and healing

Dázon Dixon Diallo, founder of SisterLove Inc., an HIV, sexual and reproductive justice organization, sat down with her faith-based coordinator, Africa McCladdie, and rolling out to discuss her advocacy and efforts in the African American community. The goal: increase sexual health literacy. Share the vision of SisterLove. Dazon Dixon Diallo: I’m the founder and president […]

Billy Porter reveals medical diagnosis he kept secret for 14 years

Billy Porter was diagnosed HIV-positive 14 years ago. The “Pose” star kept it a secret for over a decade because of the shame he felt, but he is ready to open up about his diagnosis in a bid to support others going through the same thing. “I have to start in 2007. In June of […]

Southern AIDS Coalition’s Dafina Ward warns: HIV is still here

With the pandemic still taking lives and ravaging our health care system, we still must bring attention to the HIV epidemic, another health crisis still affecting our communities. Rolling out sat down with the executive director of the Southern AIDS Coalition, Dafina Ward, to help us answer questions about the status of HIV during the […]

Dr. Shanell McGoy leads Gilead’s $100M campaign to eradicate HIV/AIDS

Battling on the front lines against the growing HIV and AIDS epidemic has been extra challenging in this precarious era due to palpable apathy and America’s diverted attention to other catastrophes currently raging. The surging HIV and AIDS rates in the South have been completely eclipsed by the pandemic and the assortment of ills that […]

Black AIDS Institute’s Raniyah Copeland discusses race, HIV and COVID-19

[embedyt][/embedyt] Sunday, Feb. 7, 2021,  marks National Black HIV/AIDS Awareness Day, which is more urgent this year because there is another pandemic to face. The racial inequities that drive HIV disparities among Black people are the same that are hurting Black communities the most during the coronavirus pandemic. Now that the COCID-19 vaccine is here, […]

K Camp’s storied history of giving back continues on World AIDS Day

The majority of gift-giving spirits in the know have no deep-seated desire to share their philanthropic efforts by shouting from the mountaintop that they are, in fact, helping the less fortunate. Interscope Records’ rap wunderkind K Camp is no different, and he has been giving for many moons in his hometown of Atlanta. What is […]

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