Rapper Lil’ O reveals which Air Jordan shoe is his all-time favorite

Rapper Lil’ O —  aka “Da Fat Rat Wit Da Cheeze” — is the undisputed truth in the streets of Houston. An original member of “The Screwed Up Click,” Lil’ O is Texas rap royalty and holds the crown as a true street poet whose movement has captivated the masses. While Lil’ O is well-known for his […]

Shame Gutta Turning Pain into Hip Hop Prosperity with ‘Summertime’

You will still hear echoes of Shame Gutta’s hypnotic yet hard-edged track, “Summertime,” ricocheting around in your head long after the last note has spilled out of the speakers. The song automatically induces visions of pushing your whip through the hood with the top peeled back, one arm around your girl and the other hanging […]