Bow Wow arrested in Atlanta

Rapper and reality TV star Bow Wow was jailed early Saturday morning after he and a woman were involved in a physical altercation in Atlanta’s Midtown neighborhood. The producer and star of the hit reality show “Growing Up Hip Hop” was arrested when an unnamed woman told the Atlanta Police Department she had been assaulted by […]

Mass incarceration of Black women soaring

It has been 47 years since President Richard Nixon declared a “war on drugs” that was in fact also a systemic war on Blacks in America. Although much attention is given to the incarceration of Black men, a growing number of Black women are also being jailed at a higher rate. Although drug use and drug […]

Man jailed after attempting to buy 60K BMW with food stamps

Nicholas Jackson desired to own a BMW and was willing to lie, steal and use his EBT card to obtain the vehicle. According to WPTV and a report by the Marion County Sheriff’s Office, Jackson went to a car dealership in Pompano Beach, Florida, and told the car salesman that he wanted to purchase a […]

Black Mom Jailed for Allowing 10-Year-Old Son to Get a Tattoo

A Georgia mother was jailed then released for allowing her 10-year-old son to tattoo a memorial to his dead brother on his arm. Chuntera Napier says she couldn’t tell her 10-year-old son, Gaquan, no when he asked to be allowed to honor his brother’s memory with a tattoo. Gaquan’s brother was killed by a teenage […]

Gucci Mane Arrested, Accused of Pushing Woman From Moving Vehicle

Gucci Mane, born Radric Davis, is continuing to nourish his budding relationship with law enforcement. According to, the rapper was arrested by Georgia’s Dekalb County Fugitive Squad while visiting his probation officer in Atlanta. Davis was jailed on misdemeanor battery charges after allegedly pushing a 36-year-old woman from his vehicle as he drove. The […]