Mixed Chicks CEO Kim Etheredge shares insight about the competitive hair market

Kim Etheredge is the CEO and one-half of the dynamic hair brand Mixed Chicks. Born to an Irish mother and an African American father, Etheredge struggled as a young child to find products for her hair texture. As she grew older, she realized many people shared her problem. In 2002, Etheredge met her co-founder, Wendi […]

Kim Etheredge, Mixed Chicks

Born to an Irish mother and African American father, Kim Etheredge grew up having hair issues. She learned how to maintain her hair at an early age. This eventually led to her founding Mixed Chicks with business partner Wendy Levy. After sharing hair secrets about mixing and matching so many products, they decided to create […]

Black Hair: 9 Female African American Entrepreneurs in the Hair Care Business

The black hair care business has come a long way in the past decade with African American entrepreneurship on the rise.  With African American women spending trillions each year on hair care, who better to supply the community and reap the benefits than the consumers themselves?  Take a look at 9 successful Black hair care […]

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