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Mixed Chicks CEO Kim Etheredge shares insight about the competitive hair market

Kim Etheredge (Photo credit: D’Andre Michael)

Kim Etheredge is the CEO and one-half of the dynamic hair brand Mixed Chicks. Born to an Irish mother and an African American father, Etheredge struggled as a young child to find products for her hair texture. As she grew older, she realized many people shared her problem.

In 2002, Etheredge met her co-founder, Wendi Levy, and together they built a bond over their respective hair journeys. The dynamic duo founded Mixed Chicks in 2004 after creating a uniquely tested and approved formula.

Rolling out spoke to Etheredge about Mixed Chicks and her outlook on the hair care business as a beauty industry veteran.

What mission or cultural insights made you decide to get involved in the hair business?

I think, like most companies, it’s out of a personal need. So, growing up for me, with what I call combination-textured hair, I wanted to represent an underrepresented and underserved market. That’s why I created Mixed Chicks hair products. 

What has been your approach and strategy to market your brand and products globally?

We’ve been selling internationally for the last 12 or 13 years. Traveling abroad is very important and learning about the consumer, whether it’s in London the Netherlands or Suriname. We are a global brand, and it’s important for us to continue to support all of our means of distribution, attending trade shows and listening to the consumer that may have different needs than in the U.S.

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