Michael Sam challenges lobbyist calling for NFL gay ban

Michael Sam has been spending most of the past month preparing for the NFL draft and the chance that he might be the first openly gay player in history to play in the NFL if he does make the cut. However, Sam recently took time out of his busy schedule to address a Republican lobbyist […]

Michael Sam and other athletes who have come out of the closet

Former Missouri defensive lineman Michael Sam made history when he came out as gay in interviews with ESPN’s “Outside the Lines” and the New York Times on Sunday. The All-American defensive lineman and Associated Press’ SEC Defensive Player of the Year revealed that he came out to his teammates during a preseason football practice before the Tigers’ 2013 campaign. He decided […]

Green Bay Packers’ Aaron Rodgers reportedly outed as gay

Little by little, the NFL is inching its way towards seeing an active player come out of the closet. Just last week football fans were surprised to learn from former Houston Oilers players that at least two of their teammates were gay.  Now, another shocker has hit the web as a report claims that Green […]

Biggest coming out moments of 2013

There’s no doubt that 2013 has been a watershed moment in America’s LGBT history as a flood of celebrities like never seen before came out of the closet this past year. Over the past 12 months, we’ve seen celebrities from the world of movies, music, media, and sports come out as gay, lesbian, bisexual or […]

Former 49er Kwame Harris convicted of assaulting ex-boyfriend

Another day, another former celebrity faces some pretty heavy criminal charges. On Monday, Nov. 4, former San Francisco 49er Kwame Harris was found guilty of several misdemeanors following a violent dispute with an ex-boyfriend last year. The former linebacker, 31, was convicted of pinning Dimitri Geier, his boyfriend at the time, against a window and […]

Gay boxer Orlando Cruz loses title fight

All eyes were on Orlando Cruz, the world’s first openly gay pro boxer, this past weekend as he took on veteran Orlando Salido for the featherweight title. And although many fans were rooting for Cruz, the popular boxer lost the title to Salido in the seventh round. According to the Associated Press, the Puerto Rican […]

Boxer Orlando Cruz says he came out as gay to gain respect

Boxing champion Orlando Cruz made international headlines last year when he came out as the world’s first openly gay pro boxer. Now, after more than a year of being out, he’s reflecting on his decision and saying he did it all for respect. In a new video interview with The Guardian, Cruz opened up about […]

Athletes who have come out in 2013

Although the world of professional sports has been exclusively dominated by heterosexual athletes for decades, a change has been sweeping across fields, courts and locker rooms as more and more athletes come out as LGBT, giving a new face to the world of  athletics and forcing many sports fans and institutions to reevaluate long-held beliefs […]

Robbie Rogers becomes 1st active gay pro soccer player

The world of sports has made significant progress over the past few months when it comes to diversity and inclusion as stars such as Jason Collins, Brittney Griner and Kevin Grayson, have all come out as gay. And while the issue of gays in sports has mainly pertained to baseball, basketball and football, American soccer […]

Former college football star Kevin Grayson comes out as gay

Over the past several weeks, the world of sports has seen an eruption of talk about LGBT athletes as WNBA star Brittney Griner and NBA star Jason Collins have both come out as gay. Now, former American college football star Kevin Grayson is following in their footsteps and recently decided to come out as gay. The former University of […]

Jason Collins and other pro athletes who have recently come out

The world of sports is (relatively) on the fast track to change as NBA free agent Jason Collins made the decision to come out in now-famous Sports Illustrated interview, making him the first active player in NBA history to ever come out as openly gay. With the glass ceiling for gays in sports having been […]

Is Kerry Rhodes engaged to a woman?

The saga of Kerry Rhodes’ highly-publicized sexuality has been raging non-stop as his alleged ex-boyfriend, Russell “Hollywood” Simpson. Now the story seems to be taking another dramatic turn as a new report claims that Rhodes is engaged to his longtime girlfriend. According to BallerAlert.com, a source claims that Rhodes is engaged to an unnamed model […]

E. J. Johnson opens up about his famous coming out moment

Most people don’t make groundbreaking history just by walking down the street, hand in hand, with their boyfriend. But that’s exactly what happened earlier this month when Earvin “E. J.” Johnson III publicly came out after being filmed with his boyfriend in L.A. Since then, both Johnson’s father, Magic Johnson, and Kobe Bryant, as well […]

Kwame Harris and other gay sports stars who have come out

Former San Francisco 49ers offensive tackle Kwame Harris was abruptly ripped from the closet in January, just days before the Super Bowl, when he appeared in court over charges that he assaulted a former boyfriend. Though Harris can’t change his past, he’s now using his experience and voice to tell other closeted individuals, especially athletes. […]

NFL player Chris Clemons claims coming out as gay in the league is ‘selfish’

It’s been a watershed moment in history for gays and lesbians in the world of sports, as straight NFL stars Brendon Ayanbadejo and Chris Kluwe have been fighting for both marriage equality and equality for gays in the world of pro sports. But, like Chris Culliver before him, one athlete is none too pleased with […]

Former 49er, Kwame Harris arrested for assaulting ex-boyfriend (photos)

Former NFL offensive tackle for Oakland Raiders and San Francisco 49ers, Kwame Harris, made an appearance in court Monday , January 28th on charges that he assaulted a former boyfriend in a disagreement over some soy sauce and underwear. According to court documentation, Harris and Geier were at Su Hong restaurant in Menlo Park when “Plaintiff (Geier) put […]

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