NBA analyst Mark Jackson asked about Breonna Taylor during playoff game (video)

NBA analyst Mark Jackson certainly had social media rumbling on Wednesday, Sept. 2, 2020, when he and announcer Mark Jones randomly mentioned the Breonna Taylor case during a live playoff game. Jackson and Jones were discussing the NBA players’ efforts at raising awareness about social justice issues during the hotly contested matchup between the Houston […]

Golden State Warriors Coach Mark Jackson, Latest in Cheating Scandal

Mark Jackson, former member of the New York Knicks (and Indiana Pacers but that’s an afterthought), former ABC/ESPN announcer and current head coach of the Golden State Warriors found himself in the midst of an extortion plot after carrying on an affair with stripper Alexis Adams in 2006.  What he didn’t expect after he ended […]

NBA Coach Mark Jackson Stops Blackmail Plot by Ex-Stripper Mistress

Golden State Warriors’ head coach Mark Jackson had an affair with a stripper that nearly destroyed his life. During his days as a broadcaster for the New Jersey Nets in 2006, Jackson had a one year affair with 22 year-old stripper Alexis Adams. But Jackson decided to end the affair after Adams insisted that he […]