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NBA Coach Mark Jackson Stops Blackmail Plot by Ex-Stripper Mistress

Golden State Warriors’ head coach Mark Jackson had an affair with a stripper that nearly destroyed his life. During his days as a broadcaster for the New Jersey Nets in 2006, Jackson had a one year affair with 22 year-old stripper Alexis Adams. But Jackson decided to end the affair after Adams insisted that he leave his wife of 16 years.

Adams determined to get payback on Jackson by attempting to destroy his reputation. The former stripper gave nude photos of Jackson to a convicted felon named Marcus Shaw. In April, Shaw approached Jackson and showed him the pictures and a CD with phone conversations he had with Adams. Jackson bought the pictures and CD from Shaw for $5,000.

Several weeks later, Shaw sent an email to Jackson’s wife and gave her an opportunity to buy the pictures. Jackson offered $200,000 to purchase the pictures, but he also informed the police.

After an investigation, the FBI arrested Adams and Shaw and charged them both with extortion.

Although Jackson’s tryst led to embarrassment, the Golden State Warriors are supporting Jackson and have revealed that he will remain the team’s head coach.

Jackson and the Golden State Warriors drafted Harrison Barnes out of UNC on June 28.