Black and brilliant: Dorothy Jean Tillman secures a master’s degree at 14

While most teenagers are exploring TikTok or playing video games, 14-year-old Chicagoan Dorothy Jean Tillman has already atteained three college degrees. Tillman proved her child prodigy stature when she began talking at 8 months old and doing math bv 4 years old. She attended high school at 9 years old and since then has worked […]

Lifetime Debuts ‘America’s Supernanny’ Starring Black, Beautiful, Deborah Tillman

If you have watched even one episode of the Lifetime show “Supernanny” featuring Londoner Jo Frost as a professional nanny who provides parents with the skills they need to discipline their out-of-control offspring, you have witnessed how some creative child development techniques really can cure some unbelievably bad behavior. Since there seems to be no […]

Advanced Degrees: The Breakdown

“Seeing that ignorance is the curse of God, education is the wing wherewith we fly to heaven.” William Shakespeare “Education is the great engine of personal development.” Nelson Mandela Just what is an advanced degree? And what are the many different ways in which a person with an undergraduate degree (bachelor’s) can obtain one? Rolling […]

Ronald Fleming’s MBA Became His (Free) Ticket to Traveling the World

Detroit native Ronald Fleming was serving as a commander in the Detroit Police Department when he decided to take advantage of a program designed to encourage law enforcement officers to pursue higher education. “I earned my master’s degree in criminal justice from Atlanta University,” says Fleming, “And when I was called back to the force […]