How a conversation with Michael Phelps could get Young Thug in more trouble

Atlanta rappers Young Thug, Gunna, and more than two dozen members of the YSL group have been in jail for the past four months on felony charges, including the RICO statute, that could land them in prison for decades if they are convicted. During a court hearing for Thug on Sept. 8, the judge brought up […]

Tim Tebow is the most influential athlete; Twitter reacts

It is his gift, and some say it is also his burden he carries as he continues to aspire to legitimacy as a pro football player. NFL free agent quarterback Tim Tebow was named the most influential athlete in all of professional sports. This is according to a survey conducted by Forbes magazine, who administered […]

Celebrities caught smoking weed

Though there are several songs promoting the use of marijuana, it is still illegal (except for medicinal purposes in select states). Rappers, celebrities and ordinary citizens take no qualms with the consequences of getting caught with marijuana. Though some take it  lightly, for celebrities it can cost them millions in endorsements and sponsorships. These celebrities […]

Is Janet Jackson retiring?

Over the last few years, Janet Jackson’s professional life has taken a backseat to her personal life. The music icon has publicly dealt with a huge family issues and recently revealed that she secretly married her longtime boyfriend, Wissam Al Mana, last year. Throughout that time, fans have been wondering when Jackson would return to the […]

Celebrities who were bullied as kids

Adolescence can be a cruel and unforgiving time, particularly for those who aren’t blessed with good looks, charisma and innate fashion sense (though some are bullied because they are so good looking). A person can feel incredibly isolated because they can’t seem to fit in and are overwhelmed with fear for their safety, often taking […]

Celebrities pick the winner of Super Bowl 2013

When it comes to the NFL, and most certainly the Super Bowl, celebrities often engage in as much spirited banter and trash talking as the average fan at a tailgate party. And for Super Bowl 2013 between the Baltimore Ravens and the San Francisco 49ers, many have gone out of their way to make their […]

10 Most Successful Marijuana Smokers in America

Because of all of the hoopla and attention surrounding the reelection of President Obama and the spectacular Election Day flameout of GOP challenger Mitt Romney, the decriminalization of marijuana in some states escaped under most people’s radar. It is interesting to see who are the ardent cannabis advocates, because some of these people are among […]

Details Emerge About Chad Johnson’s Abuse, Footballer Loses Another Deal

As time passes, more allegations and details emerge about Chad Johnson’s alleged assault against his soon-to-be ex-wife, Evelyn Lozada. While this is the first reported act of violence against Lozada, sources claim that Johnson has always been abusive towards his wife. “Chad has been abusive towards Evelyn, basically from the beginning of their relationship,” a […]

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