R. Kelly begging judge to let him perform outside United States

Disgraced, depressed and depleted superstar R. Kelly, is pleading with a judge to allow him to travel outside the United States to perform a series of concerts to help restock his empty bank account. Robert Sylvester Kelly, 52, specifically wants to go to the Middle East next month to perform a series of concerts as […]

Travel ban: Atlanta rapper Silento’s passport seized in Abu Dhabi

Rapper Ricky Lamar Hawk, 19, who goes by the stage name Silentó is stuck in Abu Dhabi. The “Watch Me Whip, Watch Me Nae Nae” rapper is in dispute with a concert promoter and isn’t allowed to travel back home to the United States. A civil court seized his passport. The travel ban was imposed […]

Macy’s and Bloomingdale’s opening stores in California, UAE and more

Amid reports that Macy’s is closing 100 of its 730 retail stores, the big-box retailer is opening stores in California, Utah, Connecticut, Abu Dhabi and Kuwait. The actions announced on Wednesday, Jan. 4, 2017, are estimated to generate annual expense savings of approximately $550 million, beginning in 2017, enabling the company to invest an additional $250 […]

Egypt: Land of antiquities

I have been very fortunate to have visited Egypt on four occasions but each time I travel to this land of historical antiquities, I remain overwhelmed by the wondrous monuments and history of this North African country. The monuments in Egypt have been consistently described as one of the great “Wonders of the World” as lasting […]

Asian parents starve African daughter to death to sell her organs

Organ harvesting is a multibillion-a-year underground business. According to authorities, an Asian couple adopted a collection of African children with the sole purpose of killing them and harvesting their organs for a financial feast. A California couple living in Qatar, located off the coast of Saudi Arabia are facing possible execution for allegedly starving their […]

Twitter split on decision to bomb Syria

A storm erupted from the philosophical collisions on social media after President Obama received backing from Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) and the Senate Foreign Relations Committee authorizing controlled military strikes against Syria in a 10-7 vote. McCain meticulously included language in the bill that would limit the time frame of the war, the scope of […]

Obama administration ignores Israel’s racist treatment of black Africans

As heavily reported by both the media and the White House, this week President Barack Obama will visit Israel. The scheduled stop in the Middle East has raised yet another red flag among human rights whistle-blowers, as some feel Obama’s policies in the region reveal a focus that supersedes concern about blatant human rights violations that […]

Rae Simpson, the Right-Hand Woman for Event Designer, Preston Bailey

There are few ways better to celebrate the special moments in life than by putting on a grand event. When celebrities, royalty and the affluent wish to do so, they usually contact the award-winning and acclaimed event design company, Preston Bailey Entertainment and Set Design. Rae Simpson, project manager for the company, ensures that each […]