Celebrity trainer Larry Cole talks 7 reasons you need a personal trainer

So, it’s Monday … again … and you’re wondering why you haven’t fully committed to that workout routine and “better diet plan” you said you were going to start at the beginning of the new year. Well, let me help you out with some of those excuses — I mean “reasons.“.They include these valid rationales: food is […]

Motivational Monday: JK Rowling talks failure

[jwplatform vnWctaQA] At her Harvard commencement speech, JK Rowling digs deep into her past and finds that the lowest points in her life – her failure – gave her the strength and creative freedom to follow her passion of writing.

Motivational tips for Monday

Some of us seem to have trouble getting going on Mondays. One reason maybe our busy lives don’t slow down even on the weekends and life can be full of potholes even on the weekend.  You can also add in all the running around we end up doing on the weekend and the last thing […]

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