Celebrity trainer Larry Cole talks 7 reasons you need a personal trainer

Kem and Larry Cole of Cole Train Fitness (Photo courtesy of Larry Cole)

So, it’s Monday … again … and you’re wondering why you haven’t fully committed to that workout routine and “better diet plan” you said you were going to start at the beginning of the new year. Well, let me help you out with some of those excuses — I mean “reasons.“.They include these valid rationales: food is delicious, you like to sleep in, it’s cold outside, one small piece of cake (right before going to bed) won’t hurt and the most notorious of them all: “I’ll start on Monday — well, not today Monday, but next Monday.”

Well, if any of these reasons sounds familiar, there’s hope. The good news is you don’t have to do it all by yourself — you almost can’t do it alone. You need help! Like, expert help. And Detroit-based celebrity fitness personal trainer Larry Cole of Cole Train Fitness knows exactly what you need: someone like him! Larry is Motown recording artist Kem’s personal trainer and helps to keep him in shape for all of his live performances and shows.  He’s been training him for years and has the following suggestions on the top seven reasons you need a personal trainer for the new year.

  1. To get an accurate fitness assessment. Many times, people think they can simply self-diagnose what they need, why they need it, and how they need to get it. Truth is we need an objective assessment of where we are fitness wise so that we’re not disillusioned into thinking “we’re not that bad.”
  2. To get a customized active cardio and weight-lifting program. You just do. What works for your body may not work for the next person. Your needs are based off of your individualized fitness assessment and are tailored to work for you and your body.
  3. To learn how to develop and prioritize meal patterning. A lot of the time, you think you’re doing good if you just “eat better.” But a lot of the time, you don’t really know what “eating better” consists of because if you did, you wouldn’t be in the situation you’re in now. For this one, think of the three P’s to better eating: meal prep, meal planning, and meal portion control.
  4. To develop a plan for sculpting your body. Have you ever seen those people who go to the gym faithfully, run 5 miles a day, seemingly do “everything” they’re supposed to be do, but they’re not making any progress? Well, this one is for them. You need a personal trainer to help to target those areas that need sculpting the most. Think mid-section, arms and legs.
  5. To help you gauge and define progress. Sometimes, what we think is progress, really isn’t. A personal trainer helps you to see what isn’t necessarily visible to the naked eye. They also work to help you define your muscles so that they’re properly developed.
  6. To hold you accountable for your fitness goals. A lot of the time, people fail at achieving their fitness goals because they simply have no one to hold them accountable. A personal trainer is the perfect person for this task. This is one of their sole purposes, and trust and believe, a good personal trainer knows how to get this job done.
  7. To help you look good — both in and out of your clothes. Enough said!
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