Sheriff’s deputy arrested for accepting sexual favor from female felon

A sheriff’s deputy in Broward County, Florida, was arrested for accepting oral sex from a woman who drove without a license. According to the New Times Broward-Palm Beach, Ted Arboleda started talking with a woman at a gas station and asked to see her identification. The woman didn’t have a valid driver’s license. Arboleda checked the […]

Senior citizen shoots at couple who interrupts sex with prostitute

Paul J. Hunter, age 67, was a man on a mission last week. He was dressed formally in a tuxedo when he decided to arrange for sex with a prostitute in Seattle, Washington. As he was engaging in his illicit sexual activity, a couple was walking down the street. The young couple was arguing and […]

Woman uses sperm from oral sex to get pregnant, force child support

In the ultimate case of relationship treachery, a woman collected the sperm she gathered from oral sex on her lover and used it to impregnate herself, then had the courts force the man to pay child support. Now an appeals court has ruled that the man can press a claim for emotional distress after learning […]

Georgia teens have oral sex in crowded high school cafeteria

Two Georgia teenagers face criminal charges after participating in a sex act in a crowded cafeteria at Etowah High in Cherokee County, Ga., a suburb of Atlanta. According to reports by The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, the freshman male and female were having lunch and playing truth or dare with friends. Following a dare, the teens began […]

Couple faces 90 days in jail for having oral sex on a plane

A couple who was engaging in oral sex during a flight could face 90 days in jail. According to The Smoking Gun, Jessica Stroble and Chris Martin were sitting next to each other while on a flight from Medford, Oregon to Nevada when a fellow passenger noticed Stoble’s head in Martin’s lap. The passenger also […]

Virginia’s attorney general aims to make oral and anal sex a felony

If Ken Cuccinelli is elected governor of Virginia, there is a good chance that oral and anal sex will be outlawed in the state. Cuccinelli, who now serves as Virginia’s attorney general, is the state’s GOP nominee for governor. According to reports, Cuccinelli filed an appeal to revive Virginia’s state law banning oral and anal […]

Study shows men perform oral sex to deter mate from cheating

Researchers at Oakland University in Rochester, Mich. have concluded men perform cunnilingus as part of a “mate-retention strategy” to minimize the risk of their partners’ infidelity. The theory is based on the results of polling 243 men in committed, heterosexual relationships. The study titled “Is Cunnilingus-Assisted Orgasm a Male Mate-Retention Strategy?” further concludes that men […]

8 things you should know about oral cancer and oral sex

Michael Douglas recently created a media frenzy when he revealed that his cancer formed due to contracting HPV while engaging in oral sex. But while Douglas received backlash and became the brunt of some jokes, the number of oral cancer diagnoses continues to grow each year  because of the Human papillomavirus (HPV), Before you engage […]

Oral Sex Tips for Black Women

Oral Sex Tips for Black Women As a man, I am well aware of the penchant we have for the sexual skill sets of women. However, not all black women are the same and this is also true with respect to their oral sex prowess. Whether you call head, a blow job, fellatio — or as […]

Herman Cain’s 4th Accuser Says He Tried to Force Oral Sex

“I have never acted inappropriately with anyone– period!”  –Herman Cain GOP presidential candidate Herman Cain has tried a few different strategies to fend off accusations from the women who claim he sexually harassed them more than 10 years ago — the most recent from a fellow Republican who says he tried to force her to […]

Tupac Shakur Sex Tape Surfaces

Tupac Shakur has a sex tape? Many a music star has had their private sex tapes go public, but rarely does a late celebrity have a posthumous sex tape pop up in the media. Well, according to reports, such is the case for the late iconic rapper Tupac Shakur, who allegedly has a sex tape […]