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Pat Neely shares 3 wishes for young fathers

The work of a father is never done, as Pat Neely imparts much-needed wisdom to the next generation of fathers. Having successfully raised his children, Neely spent time with rolling out TV creating a roadmap for father’s with young children.

Pat Neely shares important dinnertime tips for fathers

Dinnertime provides the perfect opportunity for fathers to begin having meaningful dialogue with their children. Noted restaurateur/reality star Pat Neely shares how those moments proved pivotal in the development of his relationship with his kids.

Pat Neely highlights the importance of cooking with your kids

Top cooking personality Pat Neely certainly knows his way around the kitchen. But he also knows a thing or two about the bond needed between father and child, as he highlights how the kitchen can serve as the perfect place to spend quality time with your kids.

Did the Neelys fake their love on TV?

Beloved Food Network couple Pat and Gina Neely gave fans a crushing surprise last week when they revealed that they were divorcing after 20 years

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