Family Dollar SVP Jocelyn Wong discusses the importance of giving back during the holidays


As the senior vice president of Family Dollar Stores Inc., Joceyln Wong ensures that the brand continues to play an important role in the community.

During a recent visit to Memphis, Tennessee, Wong and Family Dollar teamed up with Pat Neely and Lloyd Boston to give back to the Bernal E. Smith Boys & Girls Club.

Wong spoke with rolling out and discussed why it’s important for Family Dollar to give back during the holidays.

How did the collaboration with Family Dollar and Pat Neely come about?

Family Dollar has been expanding our food assortment, but a lot of customers don’t know that we have food. They might think of us for milk, bread and eggs, but they don’t know the depth of the assortment that we have. Pat Neely is obviously known for food, but I think more importantly, his personality, his attitude, what he’s passionate about. That’s where the real magic is. We have developed an amazing partnership. I have so much respect for Pat. He just gets it and I think we share the same values.

How has Lloyd Boston showcased decorating ideas for Family Dollar?

Lloyd Boston is amazing. I think it’s similar to food in that Family Dollar has a lot of different options for decorating your home. Particularly around the holidays when people are really stretching their budget, but they still want to celebrate the holiday. They still deserve to have a festive atmosphere around their home. So bringing in Lloyd has been amazing. He obviously has a ton of credibility, but more importantly, he’s so creative. What he has been able to do with one dollar ornaments from Family Dollar have been amazing because there are things that you wouldn’t think about doing to decorate your home. So he makes decorating affordable, but very sophisticated and fashionable and on trend.

Why was it important for Family Dollar to give back to the community? 

Just being here at the Boys & Girls club, it fills me with such emotion. Because at the end of the day, it’s the holidays. We all want the same things. You want to give more. That’s the time to think about being generous, giving back. But in order to do that you need to spend less. You know all of us need to do that. So our whole campaign for the holidays around giving more and spending less. That’s what it’s all about. Family Dollar can give you the tips, the savings, and the low prices to spend less. But it is about giving more at the end of the day. Being here at the Boys & Girls Club is fantastic. We’re asking our customers to donate a dollar back. It goes back to the Boys & Girls Club. For us, it is all about the communities in which we operate and the communities that we serve. There’s no better place to invest in, in my mind than the Boys & Girls Club.

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