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Procter & Gamble’s Breann Davis pushes the culture with My Black Is Beautiful

Procter & Gamble's Breann Davis pushes the culture with My Black Is Beautiful

Breann Davis is the senior brand manager for multicultural hair care at Procter & Gamble. Davis received her master’s in marketing management, strategy management and operations from Northwestern University.

Davis is the leading force behind Procter & Gamble’s “My Black Is Beautiful” platform, which is committed to promoting positive representation of Black people and Black culture.

Rolling out spoke with Davis about her role with Procter & Gamble and how she plans to continue to push My Black Is Beautiful.  

What mission or cultural insights made you decide to get involved in the hair business?

I wasn’t one of those who came into this with the initial goal of working in hair care. This was career number two. When I got my MBA, my goal was really to seek out consumer packaged goods in a general sense, so that I could fall in love with my job and the consumer I was serving. My mentors showed me the way to hair care. The love comes from the passion that I have. Every single day, I think about my hair struggles and wins. Every day that I can make that journey easier for women like me is a win.

How do you remain relevant in the mind of the consumer?

Hair care and beauty are highly competitive. I think what it takes to win is the ability to adapt to your situation, think creatively and operate in a startup mentality. That means always listening to your consumers, trying to figure out what their unmet needs are and not being afraid to fail. When you’re in a space and you’re creating, failure is always an option. You learn and iterate and implement the things you learned into the next thing.

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