Procter & Gamble’s Breann Davis pushes the culture with My Black Is Beautiful

What is your strategy for creating a global impact with My Black Is Beautiful?

It’s been a 14-year journey and for 13 years, there were no products. The first step is to remember why we exist in the first place, and it’s beyond selling products. The mission of MBIB is to celebrate Blackness and to empower us to be ourselves and feel like we have space where we can unapologetically be ourselves.

The product launch was rooted in that and listening to the folks walking the halls at P&G and responding to the fact that we felt like we could launch a product that makes you feel good at the same time that it nourishes your hair. Going forward, it’s about continuing to do that and staying true to our mission. One of my passion points is getting MBIB out there, so finding what else we can do, how we can support things that uniquely affect our community, and then trying to expand that beyond the United States. There are big things in store for My Black Is Beautiful.

Where can readers find more information about My Black Is Beautiful? 

I encourage [them] to go to our website

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