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Tarcus Allen and SCurl are helping athletes look good on and off the field

Tarcus Allen and SCurl are helping athletes look good on and off the field
Tarcus Allen (Photo courtesy of Tarcus Allen)

Tarcus Allen is the brand marketing manager for the Chicago-based Luster Products Inc. Allen spoke with rolling out about her role in the Celebration Bowl, giving athletes confidence, and how she inspires other women in her field.

How does it feel to know that you’re giving these players confidence just by giving them a haircut?

These players have an extensive schedule. If that was one thing that we could take off their plate, and that was how they were going to get a haircut, we would do it. We had a beautiful space. [There were] six barber chairs, we had a braider, we had a DJ, we had an interactive space, a VIP escrow Grooming Lounge, and just to have them have a moment to take care of themselves. It was pretty amazing for us, and I know for them, too. In 2019, when we were here, we were voted the No. 1 experience for them out of their activities. We do understand our responsibility to be a part of the HBCU community in any way that we can, and in any facet that we can. We want to be a part of the HBCU community [by] giving back the best way we know how to and our experience is growing.

What else do you do as far as your daily duties as the brand manager?

I’m responsible for the overall vision of the brand, advertising new product development, and how the consumer experiences the brand. So with the Cricket Celebration Bowl, we had to provide that pop-up barbershop. It takes us about a month to plan that experience, with the staff and barbers creating the media around it and having all the elements in place to make sure it runs effectively. So it takes about actually a month and a half to plan that type of experience. I’m just grateful that we have a lot of partners — agency partners — to help us, as well as the support from rolling out magazine. They have been a great media partner for us over the years.

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