Florida man draws gun on teens, shoots to enforce community pool rules

A Florida man was arrested after he attempted to enforce pool rules and usage at a subdivision. Richard Marcelle, 66, is a member of the HOA at a Volusia County subdivision called The Village in Ormond Beach, Florida. Among the amenities offered to residents is the use of a community pool. According to Daytona news […]

Swimming while Black?! Hotel allows racist guest to harass Black family

A family is outraged after an unidentified White man decided to appoint himself the pool hygiene inspector of Black people at the Westin Pasadena Hotel in Pasadena, California. Carle Wheeler turned to Facebook to tell her story and share how she feels the manager of the hotel, identified as Carl Sprayberry, immediately took the side of […]

Blue Ivy plays poolside with Beyoncé

Blue Ivy photos keep popping up. Here, she’s hanging out poolside with Beyoncé, 31, while in Miami last Thursday, July 11, following her “Mrs. Carter Show” concert held at the American Airlines Arena. 

Water aerobics: Alternative to your regular workout regimen

Going to the gym five days a week can become mundane and boring, right? For those just starting out,  having  variety in your workout plan may make the road to a healthier you a lot more fun.  Everyone knows that swimming is an excellent full body workout, but what if you can’t swim? Why not […]

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