Is $75M enough for 31 years of 2 Black lives taken?

jail cell

Two half brothers were awarded $75 million by a jury after being wrongfully convicted of the rape and murder of an 11-year-old girl in 1983. Henry McCollum and Leon Brown spent 31 years in prison. The eight-person jury in Raleigh, North Carolina, decided Henry McCollum and Leon Brown should received $31 million each in compensatory […]

Rick Moore discusses the Nyla Elise clothing line and #BlackManMagic

Photo provided by Rick Moore Rick Moore is the CEO and designer for Carolina Culture Clothing and Nyla Elise, which is named after his first-born daughter. “My wife chose the name Nyla after the Nile River in Africa,” he says. “The river is important culturally and historically and has been vital in regards to the […]

Restaurant staff sing ‘F— the Police’ as cops eat

Police in Raleigh, North Carolina, are upset over an impromptu sing along by employees at a popular barbecue restaurant, According to a Facebook post, officers were eating at Smithfield’s Chicken ‘N Barbeque in Garner, North Carolina, when they got a side of disrespect along with their food. The staff began to sing the NWA classic […]

Akiel Denkins update: Officer named in shooting of fleeing suspect

Once again the standard plan of victim blaming has surfaced in the police shooting of Akiel Denkins in Raleigh, North Carolina. Denkins was shot while fleeing from police this past Monday. According to multiple witnesses, Denkins was outrunning police and was jumping over fences while fleeing. It was when he was scrambling over a second […]

Police shooting of Black father causes tension in Raleigh

The past 24 hours in Raleigh, North Carolina, have been tense as the community responded in outrage to the police shooting of Akiel Denkins, 24. Denkins was wanted on prior charges of possession of cocaine when witnesses stated he fled from police.  While he was running away, he attempted to climb a fence that separated […]

Nurse who took care of Bobbi Kristina was an imposter

The death of Bobbi Kristina Brown has once again taken a bizarre turn. One of the nurses charged with her treatment at Peachtree Christian Hospice in Duluth, Georgia, is going down. Police arrested Taiwo Sobamowo at an address in Raleigh, North Carolina. She also had addresses on file in Georgia, where she stole the identification and state-issued […]