Twitter goes crazy over folks’ answers to Jazmine Sullivan’s risqué question

Jazmine Sullivan may have inadvertently incited a frenzy on Twitter after the singer posed a simple question to her two million Instagram followers. On Tuesday, Aug. 31, 2021, the sultry singer from Philadelphia asked her fans a provocative and sly question. It eventually engendered answers that ranged from questionable to immoral to illegal. Sullivan, 34, […]

How publisher and filmmaker Tressa Smallwood saved $100K

Tressa Azarel Smallwood is a class act. A businesswoman, she is an award-winning publisher and the executive producer of the film Secrets, which sold out its screening during the 20th American Black Film Festival. Directed by Juwan Lee and starring Harold House Moore (“Single Ladies”), Secrets is a novel-to-film adaptation and has an edgy storyline. Read what Smallwood, the […]

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