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20 Things Black Women Secretly Hate About Men

20. We hate when you do this in public. A-Rod couldn't get away with this and neither can you. Please refrain.

First and foremost we are so grateful to Terry Shropshire for spilling the man secrets. As a show of gratitude, it’s only fair that black men understand just a few of the the things that we hate about their behavior.

Caution: Only proceed if you can handle the truth.

19. We hate it when you do manual labor with your sag in full view. This is just terrible. Pull your pants up.

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  1. Inquizative on October 30, 2013 at 6:02 pm

    You sure you ladies only have 20 things you hate about us, I find that hard to believe. Because judging by black women having the lowest marriage rates of all races of women in the country, It has to be a lot more things you hate about us. Allow me to add some: 21. You hate waiting to marry a black man before having bastard children by him 74% of the time. 22. You hate using us as husbands, because we make better sperm donors and human child support checks. 23. You hate when you see a progressive, intelligent black man in the workplace and he not be your man. 24. You hate the fact that black men hate your weaves. 25. Above all, you just angrily hate with a bad attitude. and that’s no secret!