Hall of Fame athletes turned businesspeople

They are all hall of fame athletes in their respective sports. And they’ve earned hall of fame candidacies for their business savvy in their off the field careers. Take a look at the biggest athletes turned entrepreneurs. 

Dr. Dre, Michael Jordan: Top 10 Successful Brands Powered by African American Faces

Monster’s collaboration with legendary producer Dr. Dre on Beats by Dre headphones was pretty much axiomatic, a no-brainer if there ever was one. Much like when Dr. Dre torpedoed his way into mainstream America in the ’80s and ’90s — first through the seminal rap group NWA, then with his Death Row “inmates” with Snoop […]

Serena Williams: The Black Millionaire Blueprint for Success

The irrepressible Serena Williams is what they usually call superior male athletes  —a freak of nature. Encroaching on her 31st birthday, the youngest Williams sister just wrapped up one of the most dominant summers in the history of the United States Tennis Association — and did it at an age when most of her contemporaries […]

Serena Williams and the Black Women at the Top of Their Fields

Tennis rankings are about as useful as a Hawaiian weatherman in the Arctic Circle, because the top slot consistently evades Serena Williams despite winning the most majors of any female of the modern era (14), including her 5th singles and doubles majors titles (the latter with sister Venus) at Wimbledon, the most revered tennis playing […]

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