Sharkeisha update: Teen arrested, charged with misdemeanor for brutal beating

Sharkeisha arrested A bully-turned-Internet sensation for the brutal beating of a fellow student is finally in jail. Sharkeisha James 16, was arrested Wednesday, Dec.4, in Harris County, Texas, according to Olevia Henderson, the mother of Sharkeisha’s victim, Sha’Michael Manuel. According to Manuel, James has been charged with a misdemeanor for the videotaped assault of her […]

Sharkeisha fight: 5 facts about the brutal beating

Sharkeisha facts It’s been just a few days since a video of a bully sucker punching a classmate went viral and the Internet is still on fire for a girl named Sharkeisha. As previously reported a video surfaced last week of a teen identified as Sharkeisha catching a girl off guard now identified as 17-year-0ld […]

Sharkeisha fight victim’s mother speaks out (video)

   Sharkeisha fight victim’s mother The mother of a teen who was brutally assaulted in a viral video is defending her daughter. Olevia Henderson of Houston, Texas recently told KHOU that her daughter Sha’Michael Manuel, 17, is having to relive her beat-down by her classmate Sharkeisha, 16, thanks to the countless internet memes and jokes circulating online. […]

Sharkeisha fight video goes viral

Sharkeisha fight video Yet another teen brawl video has gone viral online. Dubbed the Sharkeisha fight, it shows a gruesome showdown between two teens recorded for video site WorldStarHipHop. One of the adolescents identified only as Sharkeisha, stands next to her victim, a girl named Shay, before catching her off guard and striking her in […]

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