Sharkeisha fight video goes viral

Screen Shot 2013-11-27 at 11.46.33 AMSharkeisha fight video

Yet another teen brawl video has gone viral online. Dubbed the Sharkeisha fight, it shows a gruesome showdown between two teens recorded for video site WorldStarHipHop. One of the adolescents identified only as Sharkeisha, stands next to her victim, a girl named Shay, before catching her off guard and striking her in the face. When the girl falls to the ground, the teen begins to kick her before pulled off her by her friends.

Many have called for Sharkeisha to be arrested for her behavior, while others are just tickled pink by the foolishness.

If you’re clueless about the relevancy of the video, look to Twitter to see how widely popular its become. Sharkeisha is currently the number one trending topic in the United States.

The Sharkeisha fight is drawing comparisons to two previous incidents of violence; the so-called “Jaide fight” that showed a teen being bullied and defeating her attacker, and when a Cleveland Regional Transit driver uppercutted an unruly female passenger.

Check out Twitter reactions to the Sharkeisha fight below. -danielle canada

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