CEO Sarah Maraske provides distinct tools to building a brand

Sarah Marske CEO

Sarah Marske, CEO and founder of Saramar Group, joins rolling out to discuss her business, being a female boss, and the WE Initiative. Saramar Group is a consulting firm specializing in creating meaningful connections between brands and the U.S. Hispanic audience.  What would you consider to be your superpower and why? My positivity drives my […]

Meet Iman Ramadan, fashionista and founder of The Fresh Hotel

Iman Ramadan is a debonair style aficionado and devoted fashion lover. Born and bred in New York City, Ramadan has an edgy yet flawless appeal to her wardrobe selection. Her subtle grace is a compliment to her style, but her versatility is what sets her apart from the “fashion bunch.” Ramadan is the founder of […]

Media Girls on Tour takes on Detroit

A new platform has taken hold in the media world, one centered on feminism and women’s empowerment, to showcase all that women bring to the medium. Media Girls on Tour is a multi-city tour to empower women in journalism careers, media, or public relations, followed by an insightful panel and networking mixer which includes key leaders of […]