Starbucks cashier’s thievery shows danger of identity theft in viral YouTube video

[jwplatform AaegPhgR] A recent visit to a Starbucks resulted in an unsettling case of identity fraud for one woman in California. Juana Martinez made a purchase at the Lakewood location of Starbucks and within a few days she discovered that the credit card she used was charged $212 at a local department store. Police surveillance […]

Parents, why sexting can get your child raped and sentenced to prison

If you watch the news, teen sexting seems to be on the rise. But parents of teens should be concerned about the ramifications when teens engage in sexting, in some cases sending naked pictures between teens can lead to charges of child pornography, sexual exploitation of a minor or statutory rape. These are felony charges that […]

Stop and read before you download new Facebook Messenger app

Many Facebook users have received messages from Facebook regarding the new Facebook Messenger app. But people are ignoring the Terms of Service for the new app. This can be a huge mistake if you are concerned about your privacy. Here is what you are agreeing to with the new Facebook Messenger App: Allows the Facebook […]

Amazon unveils new 3-D smartphone

Move over Google, I-phone and Android, Amazon has joined the Smartphone market, late but with a vengeance. Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos introduced the new phone at a technology event in Seattle, Washington. The phone is called the Amazon Fire phone and it is the world’s first Smartphone with a 3-D screen. Unlike other phones which […]

Smartphone accessory that can measure your cholesterol

After you are done piling up those Christmas dinner plates with mac and cheese, desserts and other foods that will send your cholesterol levels over the top, check out the new smartphone accessory that can measure your cholesterol. Researchers at Cornell University in New York led by David Erickson, a professor of mechanical engineering, are currently […]

Spruce up your holiday with a festive light-up iPhone case

It’s that wonderful time of year again – lights, snow and holiday cheer! Why not dress up your smartphone for the holiday season? Festive iPhone cases light up when you get calls and alerts with styles including Christmas trees, snowflakes, stars as well as, others. The LED Cover Flashing Clear Case is not only for […]

Apple’s biggest sale items

Apple has announced that there will be some great sales at local Apple stores. Though the company hasn’t specified which items will be included, you can find a few listed deals at Apple authorized stores. The deals this year aren’t necessarily discounts but instead include gift cards of up to $150 with a purchase, which […]

Get a Samsung Galaxy S4 for free on Black Friday

Waiting for the perfect opportunity to upgrade that old outdated or busted up cellphone? Well Black Friday may be your day! The day after Thanksgiving, the highly popular Samsung smartphone, the Galaxy S4 will be free on Black Friday but of course, there is a catch — a two-year contract. Nevertheless, still a great deal. […]

Couple allegedly sells baby online to buy iPhones

A Chinese couple in Shanghai really wanted a new iPhone. The couple allegedly put their baby up for sale with a price range of $4,900 to $8,200. The couple already has two older children to care for and decided it would be best to  find another family who would be able to provide a better […]

Atlanta woman reveals she’s the voice of Siri on Apple’s iPhone

Meet the woman behind Siri, the voice on more than 37 million iPhones. If you own a iPhone 4S or an more recent model, you are familiar with Siri. Some find her very helpful, while others find her truly annoying. Either way she is the new aged personal assistant locked in iPhones around the world. […]

New iPhone 5S to have fingerprint authentication

Gone are the days of nosy people snooping through your iPhone! The home button of the new iPhone has reportedly been replaced by a sensor that will allow users to  sign into the phone without having to use a PIN or password but rather with just one touch as long as the fingerprints match. The […]

Save your upgrade; Apple rumored to be revealing new iPhone in September

Rumors have continued to hit the internet that Apple will be releasing its iPhone 5 in September. The rumors go even further to say that the company is going to release the iPhone 6 just a few weeks after the 5s release. Sept. 10 is the rumored date that Apple will unveil the latest version of […]

iPhone apps that will give your brain a boost

Just as the body needs training and exercise to perform its best, the brain needs a little training to keep those neurons firing up. If you have an iPhone, there are hundreds of brain boosters and brain exercises available in the palm of your hand that can help keep your brain at tip top performance. […]

Tired of being lonely? Try these free dating apps on your smartphone

Having trouble finding a date? Many Americans are turning to online dating these days in hopes of finding a quick date or a life partner.  Smartphones make online dating even more accessible and easy with all the apps available. Over 2,000 apps generate when you type keyword ‘dating’ into the Apple App Store search engine. […]

Apple cuts price by making plastic iPhone

Apple thinks it has found a solution to the high prices of it’s iPhone.  Apple is rumored to be releasing the iPhone 5s some time this fall along with a new “budget iPhone.” The budget iPhone will be a cross between the iPhone 5 and the fifth generation iPod Touch with a price tag of […]

Big Brother’s cellphones collect biometric data; TVs watch you

The more concerned Americans become with terror, the more freedom we give the government to infringe on our civil liberties. Just this week, President Obama implemented the Cyber Intelligence Sharing Protection Act, or CISPA, via executive order although it was killed in the Senate last year after major public opposition. Now new technological breakthroughs may be […]

iPhone 5: Why Smart and Rich People Are Not Buying It

5 Reasons Smart and Rich People Are Not Buying New iPhone Buyer’s remorse does not set in until you get the bill and understand that Apple is laughing all the way to the bank with your money. The new iPhone 5 offers very little reason to rush to add to your financial peril. Once you […]

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