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Save your upgrade; Apple rumored to be revealing new iPhone in September



Rumors have continued to hit the internet that Apple will be releasing its iPhone 5 in September. The rumors go even further to say that the company is going to release the iPhone 6 just a few weeks after the 5s release.

Sept. 10 is the rumored date that Apple will unveil the latest version of its iPhone. Will it be the iPhone 5s or the iPhone 6?

While none of these so-called release dates or models are available on Apple’s website, the site does mention that the iOS 7 software will be available this fall. The iOS 7 release is the story behind the rumors of the 5s and 6 models. In June 2012, Apple announced that it would be releasing iOS 6, and exactly 100 days later it was released on Sept. 19. How can techies be so sure of release dates if Apple’s website only admits to a fall release? Time will tell.

Check out the rumored models of the new iPhones here.

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