Nipsey Hussle’s accused killer is badly beaten in jail

The man accused of shooting and killing rap legend Nipsey Hussle has been badly beaten inside the Los Angeles County Jail, according to media reports. Holder, 32, was unable to attend his trial. Holder is accused of killing the hip-hop icon at the Marathon Clothing store the rapper owned in South Los Angeles on March […]

Nipsey Hussle shares gut-wrenching life story in his final video, ‘Higher’

Nipsey Hussle almost never made it here. In his last music video before his untimely death, the South Los Angeles-based rapper shared gut-wrenching stories of his life in a video and song that serves as a final message and dedication to his family. Executive produced by DJ Khaled and featuring soulful vocals from John Legend, […]

Nipsey Hussle shook alleged killer’s hand before being gunned down

In yet another heart-wrenching twist to an already tragic story, Nipsey Hussle reportedly shook hands with his alleged killer just moments before he was gunned down, according to an eye-witness who narrowly missed being a victim himself. Herman Douglas, who told the Los Angeles Times he was one of Hussle’s business partners, claims he was […]

Teacher sentenced for making children eat sperm-laced cookies

If there was ever time the public would clamor for vigilante justice, this would definitely be one of them. A formerly renowned Los Angeles teacher of elementary schoolchildren has been sentence to decades of hard time after pleading no contest of performing lewd acts on children. Mark Berndt, 62, entered a no contest plea on […]