If you recently bought strawberries, throw them out; here’s why

If you recently bought strawberries, you need to think twice about eating them. Health officials are investigating an outbreak of hepatitis A in the United States and Canada that could possibly be linked to organic strawberries. Hepatitis A is a contagious virus that could cause liver disease and is caused by contaminated food or water. […]

Healthy side dishes for your 4th of July cookout

Tired of the same baked beans, potato salad and mac & cheese recipes at your annual cookout? Here are a few ideas to change up those side dishes that are lighter and healthier. You can enjoy your 4th of July without the guilt or ruining your diet. Click here to check them out.

Foods that work like Viagra to increase men’s sex drive

Food does a whole lot more than just satiate your hunger. We’ve gone over foods that increase the body’s immune system, foods to eat to rid yourself of the flu, foods that help you stave off influenza and diseases and foods not to eat while you have the flu. Now we introduce the foods that […]

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