Survey finds online harassment worsening for marginalized communities in US

Online harassment is getting worse for minority groups in the United States. That is according to a new survey conducted by the Anti-Defamation League, which found that 35 percent of respondents admitted to being harassed online due to their racial, religious or sexual identity. The figure is up by 3 percent, from  32 percent, in […]

Women of color are focused on business ownership; it’s in our futures

We recently spoke with Andrea Williams, a Northwestern Mutual financial advisor, about the Northwestern Mutual Survey that finds many women of color set their financial sights on business ownership. It reveals how women of color define financial confidence and what role it plays in their everyday lives. When it comes to their financial futures, women […]

Surprise! You Have Feelings for Your Booty Call

Surprise! You have feelings for your Booty Call. The Booty Call, that dip that you connect with late at night, (perhaps after a long, winding date with someone who isn’t ready to become intimate with you yet), is high on passion and low on emotion, according to a study conducted by Peter Jonason, formerly a […]