Writer Tamika Newhouse talks about the importance of manifestation

Tamika Newhouse prides herself on being intentional when making the decision to start a publishing company after writing her second novel. She is celebrating 10 years of running her nonprofit book club, AAMBC, and is excited about hosting her seventh year of “Black Writers Weekend” Aug. 5–7 in Atlanta.

What She Said: Black women speak out on books and business panel

“What She Said” features a panel of entrepreneurial women who have all authored a book or own a business: Tamika Newhouse, founder and CEO of Delphine Publications; Jae Nash, radio personality and author; Marie Denee, celebrity blogger; and Christal Jordan, celebrity publicist and author.

#Shadesofbeauty: Are we still judging Black girls by their skin tone?

A few years ago, Bill Duke brought his documentary Dark Girl to Atlanta and I had the pleasure of working on the Atlanta premiere. I invited several celebrity women out to the Fox Theater and we watched a documentary that most of us brown girls could relate to fully. Our culture has always created a […]

The Literary Experience showcases power of Black readers and writers

Tamika Newhouse is a powerhouse book publisher who has self-published over 100 books. Passionate about writing, Newhouse started her publishing company, Delphine Publications, at 21 and has been publishing full time for seven years. Inspired to show the more interesting side of reading, she founded the African Americans on the Move Book Club, which caters […]

Omar Tyree, Nicci Gilbert, Cynthia Bailey at 8th annual AAMBC Literary Awards

[jwplatform R0nq0rFu] Celebrity authors, literary enthusiasts and book-lovers converged this weekend for the 8th annual Literary Awards Show produced by Tamika Newhouse, founder of AAMBC, and it was hosted by Cynthia Bailey. The star-studded awards show was held Saturday evening at the Robert Ferst Center for the Arts. The AAMBC Literary Awards serves as the only […]

Tamika Newhouse says writers are the real rockstars

When you hear the word author, your brain doesn’t conjure up images of celebrity sightings, red carpets and hot parties, but Litish, a new artistic resource, wants to glitz and glam to that picture. Litish is adding The Literary Experience to the CIAA itinerary this year with a savvy author’s brunch and panel. The social will include a panel of successful women in business […]

Author Zane supports Ni’cola Mitchell’s ‘Pum Pum’ book launch

Zane, whom most people know for her infamous Zane Chronicles, was recently spotted at Ni’cola Mitchell’s Pum Pum book launch. When I noticed another writer in attendance, Tamika Newhouse; it warmed my heart to see these ladies unite for support when they could easily view each other as competitors. Immediately this sparked curiosity as to why […]

Tamika Newhouse talks 5 year plan for AAMBC

Self-published best-selling author Tamika Newhouse is paving a new road for writers to showcase their skills on a national platform. As the founder and president of African Americans on the Move Book Club, she provides an online book club and radio show for avid readers across the U.S. For the past three years, Newhouse has been touring […]

Bayou Soul Writers conference covers romance, sci-fi, beauty and even reality TV

The Essence Festival brings an array of organizations and groups to New Orleans, all reflecting the African American experience. In addition to the rich musical history and signature foods, New Orleans boasts a strong literary culture as well.  The 3rd annual Bayou Soul Readers and Writers Conference kicked off the festive weekend with its 3rd annual conference, […]

Who’s in Who’s Out: 2011 AA Lit Awards

The Harlem Book Fair bloomed with excitement.  Vendors, authors and craftspeople were caught in the mid-morning setup rush that takes place every year at Harlem Book Fair. But just around the corner, even more excitement bloomed, but for a different kind of rush — the annual African American Literary Awards Nomination Brunch. The African American Literary […]