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Naughty By Nature financing comeback via Kickstarter

“Working with Kickstarter means that we will be able to have complete creative control over our new music. We will be able to do it the way that we want. More than anything we want to deliver a fresh new EP”

TLC’s Chilli shows off hot bod via Instagram

TLC’s Chilli has been praised for having great genes but the Beachbody spokesperson surprised Instagram Monday night with a picture showing off tight abs and slim physique at age 44. Weeks after revealing her partnership with Beachbody’s Shaun T on a new dance workout called, Cize, Chilli has posted several photos showing off her toned body in workout poses.

TLC’s Chilli shares perks of staying fit

Chilli recently revealed her latest fitness project, a joint venture with Beachbody and Shaun T. The petite star is known for being consistently in shape

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