Tri-Cities High School marching band gets words of encouragement from this CEO

As the Marching Bulldogs of Tri-Cities High School began to warm up their instruments in an empty parking lot, Munson Steed, founder and CEO of Steed Media Group and publisher of rolling out, casually strolled out to a clearing overlooking the parking lot to survey the scene. “I’m going to go out there, and talk […]

100 Black Women’s Shirley Langley talks fashion extravaganza, 2015 Scholarship Fundraiser

The National Coalition of 100 Black Women Inc. MECCA Chapter 2015 Scholarship Fundraiser will be nothing short of fabulous. The annual fundraiser will showcase national and international African American fashion designers on the runway on Saturday, March 7, 2015, at Atlanta’s City Hall Atrium. “This year’s event will be a fabulous display of our Little […]

High school cop poses as girl on Facebook to target young boys

A disturbing story comes out of East Point, Georgia, near Atlanta, as a trusted   adult turns out to be a predator. Fulton County police arrested Keith Rucker on eavesdropping charges. Rucker, who works at Tri Cities High School as a resource officer, is accused of creating a Facebook profile of himself posing as a girl. […]

Happy 39th birthday Big Boi

  Happy 39th birthday, Big Boi! Big Boi is half of the hip hop duo OutKast, which gained notoriety with the hit track “Hey Ya!” He attended Tri-Cities High School to pursue music and collaborated on an Atlanta Ballet show titled “Big” in 2008. He has been married to Sherlita Patton since 2003 and they have three children together. […]

Brandon Frame brings ‘The Black Man Can Institute’ to Atlanta

At 25 years old, Brandon Frame has a strong passion to help young boys of color succeed, hence his role as director of business partnerships and Program Development at Hartford, Conn.’s High School Inc., which led him to create educational programs to empower young men. The Morehouse College graduate developed toaid the positive development […]