High school cop poses as girl on Facebook to target young boys

Keith Rucker
Keith Rucker

A disturbing story comes out of East Point, Georgia, near Atlanta, as a trusted   adult turns out to be a predator. Fulton County police arrested Keith Rucker on eavesdropping charges. Rucker, who works at Tri Cities High School as a resource officer, is accused of creating a Facebook profile of himself posing as a girl. Based on this profile he befriended teenage boys and convinced an unknown number of young boys to send him nude pictures and videos.

Police were able to recover digital cameras, computers and thumb drives at his home. According to police sources, it appeared that some videos were recovered that show people may have been filmed in “private places in the home without their consent.”

In addition to working at the high school, Rucker was also the executive director and a coach at the Quick Silver Track Club, where he also had access to minors. The track club has about 50 members and has been very popular in the community. Notice was given to parents that Rucker had been arrested and practices were canceled for the time being.

The number of potential victims has not been identified as police say they have evidence dating back to 2008 and more charges could be filed. Police are asking individuals who may be victims or have information to help identify victims that were recorded, to call the Fulton County Police Department at 404-613-6600.

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