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Atlanta police respond to video of officer using excessive force on Black woman

The APD released a full video of the incident on Facebook
Atlanta police respond to video of officer using excessive force on Black woman
Image source: YouTube – 11Alive

On Aug. 9, an Instagram user posted a video of an Atlanta police officer using excessive force toward her sister while he was trying to arrest her.

“I can’t believe this happened to my sister!!! To give context my sister has never been in any type of unlawful situation and simply out of fear and lack of information she had questions signing her citation,” the sister said. “Last night @angelguice and her friend were hanging out at a park unknowingly after hours. Officer Brooks pulled up, asked for IDs and proceeded to give each of them a citation to sign. Angel simply wanted to know exactly what she was signing and asked for the officer’s name and badge number.”

On Aug. 10, the Atlanta Police Department responded to the video in a Facebook post with hour-long body-cam footage of the incident.

In the video, officer Brooks is seen telling the woman that was going to receive a ticket for being at the park after hours. The woman then asks for the officer’s name and badge number. After refusing to sign the ticket, Brooks informed her that he would have to physically take her to jail.

As officer Brooks goes to handcuff the woman, she begins to resist and eventually says that she would sign the ticket. Brooks continues to try to handcuff the woman, and then she beings to yell and cry.

YouTube video

“In the end, this incident began as an effort to address issues in our city parks,” the statement says on Facebook. “The officer clearly intended to issue a citation to each party and allow them to leave the park. Several unnecessary decisions, that were entirely out of our control, resulted in a physical altercation with an officer and the physical arrest of this individual.”

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