President Biden sends $1B to Ukraine; Boosie makes inane proposal

On June 15, President Joe Biden announced that the United States would send $1 billion in military aid to Ukraine, along with $225 million in humanitarian assistance. Some people thought that was a bad deal, including Boosie. In fact, Boosie had a proposal for the president that he thinks would improve security in schools. “u […]

Vice President Kamala Harris discusses Supreme Court, Black equity and women in leadership in exclusive interview

The peaceful transfer of power in America is normally a perfunctory process, free of controversy. The sociopolitical gods, however, were not nearly as kind to President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris as their predecessors. They earned a hard-fought, down-to-the-wire election victory amid a multitude of grave national issues and unprecedented circumstances.  The country […]

White racists make Black students stand on train 14 hours fleeing Ukraine

Maud Murimwa, a fifth-year medical student at Sumy State University in Eastern Ukraine, only had four months left to complete her degree and return home to Africa before the war with Russia began. The medical student, who chose Sumy State because she had a cousin in Ukraine, made it out of the war-torn country and […]

WNBA star Brittney Griner denied house arrest, detention in Russia extended

Brittney Griner remains behind bars in Russia after a court appearance on March 17. Griner’s legal team requested the WNBA star to be released on house arrest, which the court denied, according to multiple reports. The 6-foot-7 athlete pled not guilty to her drug charge, according to VladTV. Griner’s detention has also been extended for […]

Young Thug wants to help Africans flee Ukraine

Rap star Young Thug is appealing to the conscience of his contemporaries in the music game to come to the aid of thousands of Africans who are reportedly being denied the ability to flee war-torn Ukraine. African students believe that race is the determining factor in being denied entry onto trains and other modes of […]

Barack Obama condemns Russia’s invasion of Ukraine

Former President Barack Obama has joined the chorus of denunciations of Russian President Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine. Former presidents George W. Bush and Jimmy Carter have spoken up about their concerns about Putin’s action.  “People of conscience around the world need to loudly and clearly condemn Russia’s actions and offer support for the Ukrainian […]

Global day of mourning for Malaysian Airlines Flight MH17

The first bodies of victims from Malaysian Airlines Flight MH17 arrived in Holland yesterday. A long line of hearses winded their way through Eindhoven Royal Dutch Air Force base as troops gave partial military honors to the victims. There were no speeches, just crisp orders issued to troops in formation who saluted as the hearses were driven past. […]

Top 5 foreign policy crises facing President Obama

Very few presidents have had to face the issues now confronting President Barack Obama. Here are five of the top foreign crises that Obama is now handling. 1) Israel– President Obama finds himself in a role many US presidents have faced since the founding of Israel in 1947. Protecting Israel has been the cornerstone of […]

Malaysia Airlines jet shot down by missile, 298 dead

The horrors of war were front and center on the world stage yesterday as news spread that a Malaysia Airlines passenger jet had been shot down. The jet was flying over a portion of the war-torn Ukraine when suspected Russian separatists fired a missile, hitting the jet and killing all 298 people aboard. Reports are coming in […]

Russian Aide to Vladimir Putin disses President Obama and praises guess who

Chalk this one up as a testament to hip hop’s global impact and influence. As a punishment to Russia for its part in the Crimea/Ukraine drama, President Obama penalized a number of Russian officials by blacklisting them and having their assets frozen. Of course that’s a severe consequence, but it seems that one of the punished men […]

President Obama’s leadership tested over Ukraine

Ukraine conflict reignites Soviet threat Although the Ukraine is far away from the United States it plays a pivotal role in today’s world politics. After the collapse of the Soviet empire in the 1990s, the Ukraine asserted its independence and became its own nation.  This was a blow to the former Soviet Union that needed […]

Woman dies and her boyfriend loses his legs after sex on a train track

A couple in the Ukraine were so adamant about having risqué sex that they were willing to die for the experience. According to the U.K. publication Mirror, a woman in her early ’30s, and man, 41, were looking to have an adventurous sexual encounter so they decided to have sex on a train track. After […]