Venus Williams gets protective order against crash victim’s family

Venus Williams just won a protective court order against the family of Jerome Barson, the elderly man who was killed in a car accident involving Williams in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, last month. Recently, the family brought a wrongful death case against the tennis star, claiming she is liable for damages after the car crash, […]

Venus Williams involved in fatal car crash

Tennis legend Venus Williams allegedly caused a car accident that sent an elderly man to the emergency room where he died two weeks later, the media has reported. The 78-year-old man was treated in the local ICU unit where he died 14 days later, according to a police report obtained by TMZ Sports on Thursday: […]

Detroiter and Pinkk Lipstick founder Venus Miller gives sound advice

Photo by Steed Media Service Native Detroiter Venus Miller is making her mark in the blogging world with Pinkk Lipstick. She blogs about family, beauty and lifestyle. She recently stopped by the rolling out booth at the third annual Family Dollar Fabulous event to tell us about Pinkk Lipstick and being fabulous. Tell our readers about […]

Serena Williams and the Black Women at the Top of Their Fields

Tennis rankings are about as useful as a Hawaiian weatherman in the Arctic Circle, because the top slot consistently evades Serena Williams despite winning the most majors of any female of the modern era (14), including her 5th singles and doubles majors titles (the latter with sister Venus) at Wimbledon, the most revered tennis playing […]

Serena Williams: 5 Things Her Game Has That Black Women Need to Know

Under Great Britain’s famously conflicted skies, replete with a gang of menacing storm clouds, Serena Williams blasted her way to a fifthwin in the grandmother of tennis majors, Wimbledon, which served as the culmination of a long, arduous — and yes, frightening — journey from the brink of death to the return to the pinnacle […]

Serena Williams Tweets Near-Naked Photos; Is She Crazy?

Serena must need a boyfriend badly. She’s advertising her availability by posting near-naked photos of herself on Twitter. Ok, Serena, let me get this straight. Last week, you had a deranged stalker arrested at the doorstep of your home. This week, you are tweeting pics of yourself in various stages of undress from the bedroom […]