Trae Young believes Atlanta Hawks can compete for 2020 NBA Playoffs berth

Trae Young of Atlanta Hawks (Photo by Derrel Johnson of Steed Media Service)

Trae Young of the Atlanta Hawks and the USA Basketball Select team discusses the Hawks competing for a 2020 NBA Playoffs berth, the return of veteran Vince Carter and the fact that Carter is actually older than Young’s father. The popular player also discusses changing his eating habits and more after practice at the Thomas […]

Vince Carter discusses playing in the NBA beyond 40

Vince Carter is defying the laws of sports by playing at a high level at the age of 41. Going into his 20th season in the NBA, Carter will cement his legendary career by helping to guide the Atlanta Hawks’ young nucleus. Carter will likely battle for a starting position or to be the team’s […]

4 active NBA players that defy ‘rest’ theory

Star players are getting their last “rest” games in before the 2017 NBA playoffs officially start, in another year where the “rest” debate was brought up multiple times throughout the six-month-plus schedule. “I’m not taking anything away from the new era or the way things go now, but I could never, ever, ever sit out […]

UNC athletes accused of taking fake classes

The recent revelation that UNC-Chapel Hill created fake classes for athletes from 1993-2011 has rocked the campus. The classes were all in the African and Afro–American Studies department and were arranged by a former department head and former office administrator with full knowledge of the University. It is estimated that more than 3,000 students may have received […]

7 dunks better than DeAndre Jordan’s slam over Brandon Knight (videos)

Dunks like this is usually the exclusive territory of acrobatic sky-walker Blake Griffin. But when Los Angeles Clipper’s center DeAndre Jordan’s one-handed alley-oop dunk over his victim, Brandon Knight, it became an immediate Internet sensation that nearly overloaded Twitter and other social media platforms. But Knight is eight inches shorter and some 80 pounds lighter […]

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