Chris Brown gets lifetime ban from gym

Chris Brown is usually in the news for his bad behavior and this time around he’s paying the price for his shenanigans because it was recently revealed that a fitness company has handed him a lifetime ban from their gyms over an altercation he was involved in at one of their facilities. According to reports, the drama […]

Woman allegedly attacked by Chris Brown’s security

A part of Chris Brown’s infamy has come from his long history of violence, especially when it involves women. Sadly, Brown’s penchant for fighting hasn’t done anything to help his image and now he’s taken another hit to his character with news that his security team allegedly put a woman in the hospital. According to […]

Did Columbus Short threaten Jamie Foxx’s life?

Columbus Short already has an infamous history of violence with his ex-wife and an unlucky bar patron. But now a new report claims that Short once made threats against fellow actor Jamie Foxx as well. According to TMZ, Agostina Laneri, a personal trainer Short dated recently and allegedly impregnated, recently filed for a restraining order […]

Halle Berry’s husband involved in another assault?

Halle Berry’s husband, Olivier Martinez, has a very public history of violence, considering that he beat up Berry’s ex-boyfriend, Gabriel Aubry, during a heated fight. Now, it appears that Martinez is at it again because he allegedly assaulted an LAX employee. According to TMZ, who had a video recording of the incident, Martinez, Berry and […]

Columbus Short’s new girlfriend weighs in on his violent past

Columbus Short seemed to have lost it all this year when his wife left him over abuse allegations and he, ironically, lost his job at “Scandal” over the ensuing scandal. And even though it seemed a dismal chance that Short would find love again anytime soon, the Hollywood star now has a new girlfriend and […]

Ex-boxing champ Kassim Ouma assaults man over gay advances

Boxers are used to knocking people out cold in the ring, but former boxing champ Kassim Ouma recently got in trouble after knocking a guy unconscious for allegedly making “gay advances” on him. According to TMZ, police sources say that Ouma told investigators that he was out and about in Hollywood last Friday when he […]

Chris Brown could avoid prison in deal with assault victim

Chris Brown has found himself with his back against the wall and nowhere to run to over the past few days after being sent back to jail to await trial over an assault case after he was kicked out of rehab. And although it seems like the pop star is locked into a one-way trip […]

Da Brat says she can’t afford to pay cheerleader $6.4 million

Da Brat wasn’t the only one who was shocked when a judge ruled that she owed former Atlanta Falcons cheerleader Shayla Stevens $6.4 million for a 2007 assault. Most fans of the rapper also dropped their jaws when they heard about what she was required to pay. TMZ recently asked the rapper why she was […]

Peter Gunz claims Tara Wallace tried to stab him in the genitals

“Love & Hip Hop” fans got to see the dark and violent side of series star Tara Wallace these past few weeks when she got violent with both her ex, Peter Gunz, and his mistress-wife, Amina Buddafly, after she found out they were having an affair behind her back. But according to Gunz, that wasn’t […]

Chris Brown admits he has anger issues

With Chris Brown’s fate up in the air over his recent assault arrest, many are watching the singer to see if he will avoid jail time, once again for his long series of bad behavior or end up doing up to four years in prison for violating his probation for his 2009 Rihanna assault conviction. Recently, Brown […]

Lil Mo offers some advice for Chris Brown

If any star is having the worst week ever it’s certainly R&B bad boy Chris Brown. After being arrested for assaulting a fan earlier this week, Brown is now facing misdemeanor assault charges and a parole violation for his previous Rihanna assault case that could land him in jail for the next four years. Although it […]

KiD CuDi pushes a fan off stage

KiD CuDi has always been a stickler for doing things on his own — and that includes rocking the stage by himself. One unlucky male fan learned that lesson the hard way last week when CuDi shockingly shoved him off of his stage during a show in Houston. According to HipHopDX, who published a video […]

A$AP Rocky charged with assaulting female fan

A$AP Rocky has more than just “f—– problems” to deal with. The Harlem emcee now has an assault charge on his hands as he was recently arrested for slapping a female fan at Jay-Z’s Made In America festival this weekend. According to TMZ, Rocky was making his way through a crowd of dancing fans during […]

Katt Williams slaps a Target employee

What’s 5-foot-5, a hilarious “pimp,” a rising celebrity wreck and a threat to your local Target employee? That would be an angry Katt Williams. Apparently, shortly after Williams’ wild three-wheeled chase with Sacramento, Calif.,  police on Nov. 25, the comedian went to a local Target and pimp slapped an employee. Video footage obtained by TMZ shows […]

‘America’s Next Top Model’ Judge Rob Evans Wanted for Assault

“America’s Next Top Model’s” studly new judge, Rob Evans, may be trading in the catwalk for the jailhouse, as reports have revealed that Evans is wanted by police in connection with an assault and battery case. According to TMZ, Evans, who was a boxer before his modeling days, is the prime suspect in the beating […]

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