Chris Brown gets lifetime ban from gym

Photo Credit: Chris Brown's Instagram (@chrisbrownofficial)
Photo Credit: Chris Brown’s Instagram (@chrisbrownofficial)

Chris Brown is usually in the news for his bad behavior and this time around he’s paying the price for his shenanigans because it was recently revealed that a fitness company has handed him a lifetime ban from their gyms over an altercation he was involved in at one of their facilities.

According to reports, the drama began last week after Brown and Soulja Boy got into a heated online beef that resulted in them agreeing to do a celebrity boxing match to air their differences.

Sources say that Brown was at LifeTime Fitness in New York City playing basketball with his crew when he was accused of being disruptive at the facility. Brown was reportedly blasting music loudly, cursing and hurling insults throughout the game. 

A manager came over and asked Brown and his friends to leave, but Brown became upset and got into a heated argument with the manager before spitting on the way out of the gym.

Well, it clearly didn’t take long for the manager to file a report because a rep for the fitness chain recently revealed that Brown and his friends have all been banned permanently from ever stepping into any of LifeTime Fitness’s 100 locations.

The rep explained that Brown’s aggressive attitude and disrespect towards the gym’s staff was completely unacceptable and for that reason he will never be allowed to use the company’s facilities again.

Well, it looks like Brown is going to have to find a different facility to play ball at. He’ll also need another place to train for that upcoming boxing match with Soulja Boy. However, considering that Brown still has several gym options and that 50 Cent is pitching in to help Brown win, we doubt that Brown is at all stressed about finding another gym to call home.

What do you think of Brown’s latest scandal? Let us know in the comments. 

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