Polly A releases ‘Pick Your Poison’ video at 40/40 club

Industry tastemakers, artists, models, and close friends all came together last week, for Polly A’s “Pick Your Poison” video release party at New York City’s 40/40 Club. Music exec/producer Salaam Remi, New York Liberty player Cappie Pondexter, A&Rs Nigil Mack and Ziggy Chareton, model Willy Cartier, DJ Moma, artists Kat Dahlia, CJ Hilton, Ronnie James, […]

Frank Ocean’s boyfriend exposes their sex life

Frank Ocean’s boyfriend got real graphic and almost profane on Twitter when he discussed his sex life with “a friend.” The man described as Frank’s “muse” and Frank’s “friend.” left little to the imagination. He’s talking about a “friend” asking to lick his (substitute word for ‘penis’). He has since taken the tweet down, but […]

Frank Ocean shares intimate photo of himself and Willy Cartier

For weeks, people have been wondering about what’s really going on between Frank Ocean and now-famous French model Willy Cartier. Are they working together? Are they dating? Are they just friends or what? As expected, Ocean hasn’t been forthcoming with any answers, on Dec. 3, he sent the internet into a frenzy when he released an […]

Frank Ocean dating model Willy Cartier? 4 facts about Cartier

Frank Ocean is one of the music industry’s most mesmerizing enigmas. Ever since Ocean revealed this past summer that his first love was a man (though, he never defined himself as gay, bisexual or straight), the world has been watching the reclusive singer’s every word and move, waiting to figure out what makes him tick […]

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