NFL players give 11-year-old Colin Kaepernick fan an Xbox

Jaden Watts, 11, has had his sights set on an Xbox One for quite some time. With his impending birthday, his wish for the video game console simply grew. While they were in GameStop, Washington Redskins running backs Keith Marshall and Rob Kelley overhead Watts talking about how he was saving up money to make […]

Best tech gadgets released in 2013

2013 introduced lots of new gadgets for technology lovers. From tablets to phones to watches, tech gadgets were at the top of everyone’s Christmas list. Click the link to check out some of the best gadgets released in 2013.

PS4 VS Xbox One

It’s an exciting week for gamers across the world as the battle between Sony’s PlayStation 4 and Microsoft’s Xbox One officially begins. While it’s unusual to have two extraordinary game systems launch only a week apart, the clash speaks volumes about the money  invested into each and the consumers appetite for them. But which one […]

Xbox One changes sharing policies after users complain

Previously, the makers of the Xbox revealed that the new gaming console, Xbox One, would not allow users to share, trade or resell their game discs once they were used. However, after numerous complaints from users on their community board, Microsoft, has recanted their decision and decided to allow the share, trade, resell the games […]

Why the PS4 is more bang for your buck

The creators of both Xbox One and PS4 consoles aiming to draw in “non-gamers” to buy into their products by adding features like apps and Netflix but are aiming to please the hard-core gamers who are going to invest in their products. When it comes to features, critics and gamers are all in accord that the PS4 provides […]

The new Xbox One (Photos)

Microsoft unveiled the new Xbox One console, along with plenty of content plans, including a “Halo” live-action TV show from Steven Spielberg, and the exclusive “Call of Duty: Ghosts.” Microsoft is yet to confirm the price and release date. Only stating the release will happen “later this year” for the Xbox One. The current Xbox […]

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